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you are a light

Take the step. Dare to move forward. Do new things. Tent and get involved! And please, stop procrastinating. Stop watching yourself and saying the same things over and over again. The same gestures, the same behaviors, the same sentences and attitudes. Change, move! Make decisions, take a new direction and get started. Go all out. And then if you miss yourself, if you fall, that's okay. Get up and try again. Or take another path. It makes no difference but please never stop. Don't stagnate, don't become an observer of your life. Don't get stuck, don't be afraid. And if you're scared, go and find out what's wrong. If you are not well, find solutions. Take care of yourself, listen to yourself but never stop being in the action for you. Be the actor of your life. And no matter how chaotic it is, go in search of a better life. Help yourself by moving forward, step by step.

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