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Here you will find the different mindfulness coaching that we offer with Intoku

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak"

Sport in full consciousness

Learn a vision of sport with full awareness (management of emotions, social pressure, the gaze of others, the ego, personal expectations, etc.)

Relational coaching

Relational coaching is a particular form of professional coaching focused on relationships. The objective of this individualized accompaniment is to overcome communication difficulties or establish healthy relationships with those around you.

Life coaching

An accompaniment that concerns all areas: both in the private sphere and in professional structures (companies, associations, etc.)


Life coaching is a relationship that accompanies a person towards their fulfillment through the achievement of personal and/or professional goals with confidence, autonomy, change and freedom.

Listen to your body

Learn to respect your body, to listen to it and share with it. Stress, anxiety, tiredness or a lowered immune system are consequences of the lack of listening and the reductive vision we have of our body.

€60/ one session

€45 / session with a 5-session subscription

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