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Spiritual Retreats:

Why can they change your life?

What is a spiritual retreat?


A spiritual retreat is an experience of connection with oneself that allows us to recognize patterns of behavior that limit our lives. In addition, it is an opportunity to transform things that hurt into growth.

Going to a retreat offers you the opportunity to take a break in a world that moves very fast and thus listen to you. It is important to understand what is happening inside you, because those feelings directly influence your way of acting and seeing life. Wounds must heal so that you can turn the page without repeating the same mistakes and experiences.


The retreats take place in calm natural surroundings, with high vibrations that favor introspection. Contact with nature helps to clear the mind and relax the body.


How can a retreat change your life?


You cannot find the solution to your problems in the same state of mind in which they were created. You need to step back, breathe and look with perspective so that new ways of thinking and, therefore, new solutions appear. If you decide to observe your fears and emotions, they will lose intensity, they will leave you (your energy field) and leave space for new opportunities to appear in your life. During the retreat, the experts will offer you a series of practices and tools that will accelerate this transformation process.


What is the Intoku Life retreat like?


The Intoku Life retreat is designed to bring light to your deepest wounds and walk towards the dissolution of the ego (that voice in your head full of limitations). Our goal is for you to stop identifying with the mind, which is in constant conflict, to delve into the heart. And that you discover, the peace and stillness of the present.


We will guide you, through different activities and workshops, so that you can get rid of the thought patterns that lead you to suffering, increase your confidence in life, unleash your creativity and sharpen your intuition.

Where is?


The retreat will take place in Los Ángeles de San Rafael, Segovia on the weekend of June 24-26 (very close to the Sierra de Madrid). Most of the activities will take place at the Sierra de Guadarrama hotel. A 4-star hotel located within the same urbanization. It is a cozy and quiet place that meets the ideal conditions for our retreat. Facilities include swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, gym, restaurant and bar.



Who is it for?


The Intoku Life retreat is for all those people who feel they need a change, have lost motivation, are going through a difficult time or simply need to find their place in life. It is a perfect experience for those who suffer from anxiety and stress. The groups are composed of a maximum of 15 people to be able to dedicate a very personalized attention to the attendees.



Why is this retreat different?


        1) Meditations that stimulate the subconscious:


We begin each session of the retreat with a short guided meditation of between 10 and 15 minutes. In this way, we can slow down our thoughts and be more present. The meditations use theta waves (associated with the early stages of sleep) and high vibration sounds to stimulate the subconscious and release emotional blocks.


         2) Interactivity:


It is a very interactive retreat that will allow you to express yourself and share your emotions. We will have three thematic talks: the ego, relationships and fear. At the end of each session, we will hold an open Satsang where you can ask your questions and share your vision.


          3)Connection with nature:


We will carry out different activities of connection with nature that help channel negative energy and absorb the stillness of the environment.


        4) Deepening in the being:



There will be individual sessions of magnetism and oracles (tarot).

Magnetism is an energetic work that consists of letting go of emotional blockages and traumas trapped in our body. After the session you will feel a great lightness in the body and freedom of spirit. The magnetism sessions will take place inside the jacuzzi to enhance the experience, since water is a great channeler of energy.


For their part, tarot cards and oracles will allow us to delve into the past and present of the consultant in order to guide them more effectively.



What is magnetism?

Magnetism is an energy transmission technique to harmonize the body on a physical, mental and spiritual level. Magnetism restores balance between body and mind.

Although it is invisible to our eyes, there is a large amount of energy circulating through our body in a dynamic way. During a magnetism session we work with this energy that circulates in us. We all go through traumatic situations at some point in our lives; toxic relationships, traumatic experiences, shocks, stress, emotional wounds, etc. These experiences remain registered in our body and prevent the energy from flowing correctly. These energy blockages can cause chronic pain, behavior patterns, suffering and energy drops in different parts of the body.



Magnetizing a person is giving them new and pure energy that will spread through their chakras

(psychic centers that are responsible for absorbing, transforming and distributing energy), nadis (psychic channels through which energy circulates) and meridians (large channels responsible for transport energy).


This energetic booster helps eliminate existing dysfunctions and restore natural harmony. Magnetism is an emotional and physical treatment that recognizes the human being as a whole. That is, with their different energy bodies. In fact, the magnetizers are merely channels of transmission of new energy.


The harmonization of energy aims to alleviate wounds and suffering. It is essential to be aware of what is happening inside us. In this way, we can free ourselves from the control of the mind, explore the limitations of the ego and listen to the intuition. Also, raising the vibration is important to attract beautiful experiences.


The goal of a magnetizer is to balance your energies in order to relieve ailments

in the body and find their roots. It is a support, an accompaniment and an aid in the process of healing and transformation of a person (but they are not certified as doctors). The effects of a session can be impressive and effective, but they can never replace a medical check-up. A magnetizer will guide you on your way, but will never make decisions for you.


How did I discover my gift with magnetism?

My gift for magnetism has always been within me; although for years it was hidden in very deep layers of my being. I began to recognize this gift at the beginning of my spiritual awakening. The closer I got to being, the more intensely my gift manifested itself. First, I used magnetism to heal my own wounds and detach myself from material distractions. Seeing the positive impact it had had on me, I decided to try it with my friends and family. The result was spectacular. After the session they experienced an inexplicable peace and liberation. In addition, most were able to leave behind anxiety problems, addictions, lack of self-esteem, etc. At that moment, I was aware that I had to put my gift at the service of all those who need it.

How is a magnetism session?

In his own way, with his own creativity and method, the magnetizer has the freedom to offer the type of session that best suits the client.

In my sessions, I begin by asking the consultant the reasons for their visit. What is causing you problems? I listen to him and I am interested in his feelings. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing, since the client lies down on a table, closes his eyes and relaxes. The goal of the session is for the client to be calm. Sessions should be enjoyable, liberating, and eye-opening experiences. I always examine the client on an energetic, functional, organic, psychic and relational level. I connect with the person through touch. My hands warm up and transmit energy to the body of the consultant. I touch the parts of the body with the greatest lack of energy, contractures and wounds or burns to relieve pain. I also align and regenerate the chakras. I release all the emotions that have been trapped in certain areas of the body and channel that energy so that you can let go of traumatic experiences. The origin of the blockages comes to mind in the form of images. Typically, I share these images with the patient to make them aware of the memories their body has been recording. It is also possible to release entities attached to the energy body that absorb the patient's energies (if any). The release of energies can cause crying, muscle tremors and deep breaths. It is the most authentic way for the body to release what it keeps inside. The main side effect is an intense feeling of peace and harmony. The sessions are accompanied by high vibration music, candles and incense. Sometimes I work with energized crystals; when the wounds are deep or difficult to unblock. Every case is different. Not all magnetizers use the same technique. Normally a single session of magnetism is not enough to harmonize the whole body. Follow-ups are essential to maintain the positive effects achieved after each session.

Who is magnetism for?

The practice is suitable for children, adults, the elderly, athletes, pregnant women, babies and animals. In fact, magnetism is aimed at any being who wants to channel physical or emotional pain or free themselves from karmic patterns that lead them to repeat experiences of suffering. But, above all, I recommend magnetism to all the people who have started a process of healing and personal evolution.

What is the price of a session?


A first magnetism session costs between €70 and €100, and around €60 for follow-up sessions. Sessions last approximately 60 to 90 minutes.

From June 16 to 22, we reopen the agenda for magnetism sessions in Madrid : C/Doctor Fleming, 2. 28036. In front of the Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

All those interested can send an email to the address: or a WhatsApp message to 696 68 16 94.

The magnetism within the spiritual retreat Intoku Life

Intoku Life organizes a spiritual retreat from June 24 to 26 in Los Angeles de San Rafael, Segovia that will include magnetism sessions in the water (see previous article). The Intoku Life retreat is designed to bring to light your deepest wounds and walk towards the dissolution of your ego (that voice in your head full of limits). Magnetism is one of the activities we offer so you can get rid of thought patterns that lead to suffering, increase your confidence in life, unleash your creativity and sharpen your intuition. In addition, the magnetism sessions are individual and are carried out inside a jacuzzi to enhance the experience, since the water acts as a great energy channel.

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