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Why are you laughing ?

We always imagine 1000 scenarios ranging from the worst to the best. We create mental images, situations in our head that do not exist. They pass and accumulate until they create entire movies. We rot our minds and torture our emotions when the only thing we have to do is live and welcome what comes. Because nothing you've imagined, nothing you expect or think you're prepared for will happen. You are where you need to be and all the events that will follow in your life will not come from a logical sequence.

Stop thinking and create a future that does not yet exist and that you have no control over. It will allow you to demolish the limits of your mind, open yourself to the immensity of possibilities, without hope, without expectation, without frustration, without disappointment and allow you to be happy.

Know that life always gives you what you need. Whether it makes sense or not. Cherish what you have in your hands. Don't close yourself off, and remember that what you don't have is what you don't need.

For my part, since I realized that time does not exist, that it is not linear and that it is just a means for man to find meaning on earth, my life prospects have exchange. When you know that everything is connected and everything happens for a reason. When we know that every situation is good for us, that any self-imposed scenario is bound to cross our path, it is easier to see the light through the chaos. When we know that every life event is placed here just to break the chains of our mind and learn to let go more and more. When we realize that even in the worst possible scenario, we will come out unscathed, always wiser and always closer to the best version of ourselves. This is where unconditional love for self and for life begins. And that the word resilience takes on its full meaning.

If you're wondering why I smile all the time, it's because I love myself, love what I do, love others, and love life. I am not against anything or anyone, I do not impose any vision on the other or on myself. Because I deeply believe that every encounter, every situation, every emotion deserves to be experienced 100%. Without fear, without embarrassment. With a big and confident heart.

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