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I am the actor of my life.

I am the actor of my life, the manager of my choices. I have the right in my free will to choose what I want to do with my life. I have the right to let go just as I have the right to resist. I can be against life, reject my emotions, or embrace each one. I can choose to heal my suffering and not let it poison me. Or I have the right to let them overwhelm me. I have the right to find it difficult sometimes, but I am not allowed to sink into the sinking of suffering. At least I don't allow myself. Because suffering is not mine. And if I give her importance, she affects me and is part of me. So she's me. Except that I am the sailboat of the waves of my life and I have decided that nothing is mine, not even Her. Only love is mine because it is who I am. It is each of my gestures, each of my words, each of my steps and my choices. Yes, I am the cupid of my life. I feel the emotion but I don't get attached to her because she doesn't belong to me. She's that wandering energy that fills my guts. Who passes then leaves. But she's not me and she's not mine. Anger, joy, sadness, peace or anguish don't define me. And that I understood when I realized that they are there to remind me that they exist and that I am alive. That they are there to be felt but that I have full responsibility for giving them the right to make me suffer. To hold on, to tie me up, and to hang on to them.

It's up to you to create the reality that brings you peace. Choose to keep the good energies, the good emotions. Choose this harmonious place that will allow you to flourish. I chose to cut this emotional cord that tied me to suffering. Then I turned my back on her for the rest of my life. Would you do the same?

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